Femto-LASIK is one of the latest innovations in laser eye surgery. This advanced procedure employs computer-operated laser technology to deliver safer and more predictable eye treatment during the first major step of the LASIK process, namely flap creation.

Using the traditional LASIK approach, the surgeon requires a mechanical blade to create a small flap in the cornea and prepare the eye for the second step - vision correction. But with the Femto-LASIK approach, Dr. Elkins utilises a femtosecond laser to create the flap. This essentially eliminates any risks, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies that may raise safety issues with the traditional approach.

Benefits of Femto-LASIK

With Femto-LASIK, the surgeon uses a light beam that generates thousands of pulses per second to produce a film of tiny bubbles within the cornea and create the flap.

The fact that a femtosecond laser is used to create the flap makes the entire two-step LASIK procedure laser-based. In other words, the surgery is completely blade-free. This allows Dr. Elkins to customise the procedure according to the distinct characteristics of each patient.

Other reasons to choose Femto-LASIK with Dr. Elkins include:

  • Very low impact on the eye – The procedure drastically reduces the time that the laser is in contact with the patient’s eye
  • Comfortable and painless – There’s no need to fix the patient’s head during the procedure
  • No inflammation – With femtosecond technology, the laser energy used is a hundred times lower than with other lasers. This makes the procedure tender on the corneal tissue, which in turn reduces the risk of inflammatory reactions of the eye.
  • Fast results – Patients typically have clear vision within minutes or a couple of hours after the procedure. This is remarkable recovery time compared to other techniques.
  • Predictable results – The Femto-LASIK computer-controlled technique delivers micron level accuracy that dramatically increases the predictability of each procedure, improves safety, and reduces the risk of complication. So patients can choose Femto vision correction with more confidence.
  • Fewer side effects – Femto-LASIK technology allows the surgeon to work with a larger treatment zone, which minimises the risk of unfavourable side effects including haloes, dry eyes, and deteriorated night vision.
  • More people now eligible – Since the laser pulses are typically at a very high frequency, the surgeon can separate the layers of the cornea with outstanding precision and create an ultra-thin flap. This means that patients, who were previously disqualified as suitable candidates for laser eye surgery, such as people with thin corneas or extreme myopia, can consider Femto-LASIK.

Am I a candidate for Femto-LASIK?

Generally, any patient who qualifies for the normal LASIK procedure also qualifies for Femto-LASIK, only that the latter offers an extra level of precision and predictability. The technology can be used to correct refractive errors including myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism.

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