Imagine going for a spontaneous swim without worrying about your contacts, or finally being able to see your alarm clock in the morning. Imagine not groping around in a panic every time you drop a contact on the bathroom floor.

Sounds amazing, we know, but what else should you be thinking about? This is a medical procedure, after all. What’s recovery like?

Life (Right) After LASIK

The few days of and after the procedure require a bit of advance planning. You’ll need a driver to take to and from your procedure (obviously), and your doctor will give you a pair of protective shields to wear afterwards to prevent you from rubbing your eyes (even if you triple pinkie swear that you won’t).

Dr. Elkins recommend getting plenty of sleep during the 24 hours following surgery and you’ll need to wear those eye shields when you do. They’re ventilated, so don’t sweat feeling uncomfortable.


Most patients are able to go back to their daily routines in a few short days, but you will want to have someone drive you to your first follow-up appointment (usually the next day).

Other activities like swimming or high-impact sports you’ll want to wait until Dr. Elkins advises when you may resume these activities. If you need help finding a LASIK surgeon near you for a consultation, look no further (click here).

It’s important to know that some people experience certain side effects — like dry eyes or halos — after LASIK. You’ll want to speak with Dr. Elkins specifically about your eyes.

Life (Long) After LASIK

You’ll still have routine eye exams after LASIK. Dr. Elkins may recommend Annual visits with. These exams don’t just test your vision, they also screen for potential medical issues unrelated to LASIK.