We are pleased to announce that we have just installed the iDESIGN Advanced Wavescan System. This new wavescan system utilizes the same high definition Hartmann-Shack Wavefront technology as the old version but with much improved resolution and dynamic range.

It is the most advanced technique in laser eye surgery. iDesign measures almost 1,300 micro refractions over a 7.0mm pupil, which is over 25 times more precise than a standard prescription for glasses. Moreover, it provides wavefront aberrometry, wavefront refraction, corneal topography, keratometry, and pupillometry, all with a single capture sequence.

Smartest Lasik Eye Surgery

We are in an age where we should be able to provide our patients with 20/16 vision routinely!

Our iDesign system captures more data than with any other LASIK option, providing an advanced method of measurement that evaluates your vision imperfections to help tailor a completely personalised eye treatment plan just for you.

Your personalised LASIK eye treatment begins with a personalised treatment plan created by proprietary wavefront eye-mapping technology from the iDesign system.

Step 1: Create your Custom Eye Map

Using the proprietary iDesign Wavefront-guided Eye-mapping Technology, Dr. Elkins will obtain an in-depth representation of your unique optical system and use it to develop a custom treatment plan just for you. A personalised LASIK plan from a 3-seconds capture.

Step 2: Create a personalised flap with a femtosecond laser

In about 20 seconds, Dr. Elkins will use an ultra-fast femtosecond laser to create a thin flap to prepare your cornea for the treatment.

Step 3: Reshape the cornea

In a quick procedure usually lasts less than 1 minute, Dr. Elkins will use an ultra-precise excimer laser to gently reshape your cornea to achieve the desired curvature, following the guidelines of your personalized eye map.

Exceptional Visual Results and more

We also have expanded treatment capabilities including:

  1. Up to 5.0D of astigmatism
  2. Pupil sizes from 4.0 to 9.5mm
  3. Up to 11.0D of myopia

Is the iDesign system-driven LASIK treatment right for me?

Our 100 percent custom iDesign System LASIK procedure can help deliver the freedom to live hassle-free from glasses or contacts. 99 percent of nearsighted patients treated with the iDesign System report no problem with the clarity of their vision or the need to limit their sports and outdoor pursuits 6 months after the procedure. After the same 6 months, 97 percent of patients report satisfaction with their vision, while 93 percent report no difficulty driving at night.

We would be happy to show you the new wavescan. Just call Ana for more information, 818.990.3934. It should be a seamless transition with hopefully even better outcomes!